Car Theft

Car theft happens a lot because stealing cars is very easy. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do to help prevent it. This post will show you the most common techniques that people do to avoid being a victim.

Car theft can be prevented. Here are the most popular techniques that people use to prevent them.

Statistics would show that there’s a very good chance that your car can get stolen.  It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Honda, Toyota, Ford or whatever manufacturer or model that you may have.  If the opportunity presents itself, a car thief will jump at that opportunity and steal your car using one of the dozens of the available methods of car theft.  Yes, your car can be stolen in more ways than one.

Fortunately, you can also have a few tricks up your sleeve.  Here are some popular techniques so you can avoid being victimized:

1.       Locks

This is a no-brainer and locks should be a part of your car to ensure car security.  You can easily take care of this since all cars come with locks anyway.  You just have to make sure that they’re in perfect working condition.  However, thieves have developed lock picking techniques through the years and just having locks is not an assurance anymore.  Fortunately, you can complement your vehicle’s locking system with several other locks:

  • Steering wheel lock

This locks the steering wheel in place, making it impossible to turn and operate when armed.  A good example is “The Club”.

  • Brake pedal lock

The brake pedal is very important in the car’s operation.  Immobilizing it by locking it can discourage thieves from trying to steal your car.

2.       Car alarms

This is also becoming more and more of a necessity.  A car alarm is your car’s guard dog, ready to make a lot of noise when someone tries to break in.  It can easily detect movements around the car if armed.

3.       Kill switch

A determined thief can easily bypass your locks and alarms.  This is why it’s necessary to add another level of deterrent inside your car.  A popular way of doing it is by installing a kill switch.  A car owner can hide it in an area that’s hidden from plain view and the more obscure the hiding place, the better.  A kill switch will kill the connection between vital parts of the car to make it impossible to start it. 

4.       Immobiliser 

This is present in most modern cars.  Only the correct key with the correct chip inside it will start the car.  This makes lock picks and spare keys unusable.

5.       Microdot ID tags

One popular reason behind car theft is to chop up the car and sell the parts.  With microdot ID tags, thieves will be discouraged to steal the car because they’ll have a hard time selling the parts.  Most car parts dealers say no to identified parts.

6.       VIN etching

With the use of a stencil, the car’s VIN can be etched onto the windshield for easy identification.  This makes it easier to track if stolen since the VIN is prominently displayed.  Sure, the thieves can just replace the glass.  But that would eat up their potential profit and this is why most thieves would pass up on a car with VIN etching. 

7.       Signage

You can place a sticker warning potential thieves that the car is protected by thief deterrents.  Remember, car theft is often a crime of opportunity so it’s a good idea to make your car look like a harder target for them.  They rely on speed so if they think that it will take them a long time to break into the car, there’s a good chance that they’ll pass up on the car.  Of course, don’t advertise what type of deterrent you have.

There are a lot of other methods to help ensure car security but these methods are a great start.  Add these methods to a little common sense and you’ll be securing your car in no time.